New LCD Shield using the Raspberry Pi Zero W

New Features

  • Added 3 Push Button on board
  • New charging mechanism with low battery status indicator
  • Socket for the Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • GPIO power for the Raspberry Pi (no need to connect the power to the pi directly)
  • Battery operated
  • New Power button to turn On/Off the device
  • Added holes for adding standoff to hold the Raspberry Pi
  • Upgraded the USB port from USB Mini to USB Micro

Previous Model

The previous version of this board uses the Electric Imp WIFI SD card as the brain to drive the LCD.  It didn’t have any buttons to control the content on the LCD. It was a bit harder to get it set up compared to the Raspberry Pi.

Previous Version

What’s next?

Now I need to send the board to to print a small batch. I also have to place an order of the BOOM file with all of the small components on the board.  Then I have to manually solder all of these components and hope that the board work as designed.  If everything is good, then I will send it to China to manufacture a small fully assemble batch.